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 [ENGLISH] Forum and Game Rules

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[ENGLISH] Forum and Game Rules Empty
PostSubject: [ENGLISH] Forum and Game Rules   [ENGLISH] Forum and Game Rules Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2013 5:04 am

Failure to follow these rules will Result you in a ban. You can be banned for a week, a month, or even be banned permanently.
Please, Follow the rules.

General Rules:
Don't disrespect admins or/and staff members.
Don't disrespect other members of the forums.
Don't post anything offensive towards any race or gender.

Game Rules:
1.Be polite to players in game
2.Don't bug players for items, If they want to give you something they just do it.
3.Don't cheat
4.Don't Hack
5.Don't spam
6.You can never report a player for killing you, unless he used some kind of hacks.

Forum Rules:
1.Posts about hacks can only be posted in 'Game reports'
2.Before opening a new thread read the FAQ and take a look around the forums.
3.Political discussion on the forums are forbidden.
4.Religious discussions on the forums are forbidden.
5.It is forbidden to insult other members, period.
6.Images or links containing sexual and/or perverted content are forbidden.
7.Advertising of public firms, companies, stores or similar is forbidden.
8.When opening a new topic, make sure to name it properly. We don't want Topics like 'OMG WTF LOL HELP PLZ NOOBLES'
9.Be polite to the whole forum

Remember to post all your posts in a formal way, By this i mean don't make a post about hacking in Off-topic.
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[ENGLISH] Forum and Game Rules
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