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 Guide - Explanation of features [IMP]

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PostSubject: Guide - Explanation of features [IMP]   Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:32 am

When you first start Wasteland: Online,
You will wake up in a Shelter where you can see some players there.

Line of Safety:
This is the safe district or known as 'Line of Safety'.
Here is where you rest, heal, cook food, buy supplys and make friendlys.
However, supplys costs money and you need food and water to live in the wasteland and nobody is gonna give it for free unless it's a friendly.

Depending on your profession (Classes) you choosed, They will all have diffrent stats and some supplys that won't keep you on your legs for long so you need to go find some yourself
thats when you start to go hunting.

Hunting is important, Hunting includes food, water, bandits, infected, animals and survivors.
By hunting you can kill wild animals for there meat,
or you can kill a survivor to steal there money and supplys,
This is all your choice.

Supplys are imporant, Not only that You need food and water to survive;
But you need weapons and supplys to. Supplys like rope, hammer, pen these all can be usefull in the Wasteland.
These can be found from a dealer, in the wasteland or buy em off a player.

Apart from all, to hunt you need weapons or you will be hunted, Unless you try to fight with your bare hands!
You can find weapons in the wasteland or you can buy them off a player or dealer or you can find some in the wasteland.

What i meant by buying off a player, you can sell your items to players ingame too or you can just give them away.
This can be done by the 'TRADE' button in the right corner of your screen.

You will have a backbag and this is your inventory, all the items, supplys, weapons, food, water etc will be placed in this bag Smile !
If your backbag becomes full you need to drop something into the wasteland for players to find.

Hunger / thirst:
To survive, you need to eat and drink. You can find dinner by killing animals and cooking meat, Exploring the wasteland or you rob somebody.
Same goes for the water.

In Wasteland: Online there is a party search incase you feel lonley, use it to team up with players and enjoy the wasteland toghter !

The game is full of PVP, You need to watch your back, any bandit can shoot you and rob you from behind, so you need to be carefull who you trust!

Logs are little more imporant, since with them you can build barricades and campfires. Finding a Woodcutting axe you can use it to cut down trees.

Combos can be done like this;
You have a hammer, Break table and get wood or build a barricade
You Got a rope, Climb a cliff.
You have a pen, write a note and leave it into the wasteland for players like you.
You got meat? Cock it!
And many many more!

In Wasteland: Online, You can build stuff! From your own campfires to a wooden house as long as you have the supplys you need.

Now go and get some:
1) Food & water
2) Weapons
3) Shelter (optional but recommended)
4) Friendly survivors. (Don't Trust everyone you meet!)
5) Supplys (optional but recommended)

When all of these things have been attained, you should be ready to survive the zombie apocalypse.
And Renember, Don't Trust Everybody!

(Note: There is more features in the game that i haven't mentioned)
Happy Hunting (Or Hunted)
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Guide - Explanation of features [IMP]
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