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 Guide - Beginners Guide #1

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PostSubject: Guide - Beginners Guide #1    Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:47 am

When you first start Wasteland: Online,
You will wake up in a Shelter where you can see some players there.

This is the LINE OF SAFETY and its one of the safe areas to be in Wasteland: Online.
Here you can rest, heal, buy supplys, buy food, buy water, chat with players, get a job and many more.

Depending on your profession (Classes) you choosed you will start with some supplys inculding food,
But that won't keep you much alive thats why you need to start and go hunting in the wasteland.

Exiting the Line of safety means your in danger, so you need to keep your eyes sharp for the infected, Wild animals
or worst, Players trying to steal you. Exploring the wasteland is a must, you must find items and supplys to keep you alive and then
keep on hunting. As you progress through the game and find more supplys you can do lots
of things with them, include woodcutting. Also, Money is imporant in the game you need them incase you run out of supplys and you need to head
back to the Line of safety and buy some before you die from hunger or dihadration.

Killing or robbing?
Not really something nice, but you can rob players by holding the gun at there head and telling them to drop there items.
Dieing means you will lose all your supplys and items, thats why you have to be carefull and sharpen eyed.

Finding wood and logs is good, but finding a axe where you can cut down trees for logs is better!
Logs will keep you warm by building campfies, or safe by building barricades.

Also, hunting is neccessary. By killing animals you get meat which you can cook to make it better for dinner.

See you at the wasteland!
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Guide - Beginners Guide #1
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