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 Guide - Usefull tips

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PostSubject: Guide - Usefull tips   Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:58 am

Welcome to the wasteland, a piece of land ravished by a storm and driven crazy by the zombie apocalypse

Here are some usefull tips:

*Do not trust anyone: Trusting someone can be deadly, he can rob you or worst, kill you.
*Be Carefull of traps: Players can set up traps if they have the right tools, Be carefull!
*Save bullets and ammo: If you have, try useing a meele instead.
*Medkits are very useful: Save medkits, you dont know what hits you!
*Search every object twice: Try searching a Object twice!
*Stealth is better then running: Dont just run and gun, You can be dead in a few minutes !
*Travel Safely: Try to take it near the cliff instead of running in a open spot!
*Never approach a safe zone directly: Trying going undetected into a safe zone, you dont know whats hiding near a tree to hutn you down.

Keep these in mind and you may survive longer ! Smile

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Guide - Usefull tips
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