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 Moar Custom classes?!

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Moar Custom classes?! Empty
PostSubject: Moar Custom classes?!   Moar Custom classes?! Icon_minitimeSun Aug 25, 2013 1:30 pm

Heya guys! New ideas from playing fallout 3, and oblivion!

Nightingale Thief -- good karma'd thief of a city/alliance. Only steals from enemies or nomads. Can unlock chests in faction if leader/superior allows.
Comes with: int +3, charisma +2, endurance -2, -2 luck, -1 strength.
Item: backpack (+2 inventory).

Marauder -- combative thief of neutral/lower karma. Can freelance steal, and sell items, blackjack NPC's. cannot unlock harder chests.
+3 strength, -2 int., - 2 personality, + 1 trade.
Items: blackjack and dirk/dagger.

Night-stalker -- evil thief, no factions allowed, freelancing mercenary. Can be bribed to steal for people, or be a double agent for someone else.
+4 personality, -2 luck, -1 strength, - 1 endurance.
Item- Bandana mask.(hides username) and fake bag of coins.
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Moar Custom classes?!
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